Friday, January 20, 2012

The literacy projects (book reports) were due today.  I was SO impressed with them and the class was excited to see what people had done.  There was definitely a lot of effort and creativity involved!  The next project will go home in a couple of weeks and will be due mid-February.

The new homework has been posted.  I know many of you will be happy to see that the math is all in one file for easier printing.  I can't vouch for your computers but everything printed fine from mine.  Again, thank you for your patience and flexibility.

Our storyline is similar to a Magic Tree House book.  Morgan le Fay sent us a letter asking us to help the people of Wamengo, Kansas, as there is a tornado approaching.  We need to find out what the tornado warning signs are, how to prepare for a tornado and what to do after a tornado.  We read some books, watched a couple of short movies and listened to Mr. Sliva (Kevin's dad) tell us about his experiences with them.  The class has done a great job pulling key information from what's been presented.  If your child hasn't already offered up some interesting facts, be sure to ask.

Have a great weekend!  Apparently, our sunny weather is long gone.

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