Friday, May 4, 2012

We just finished our first round of testing.  Scores are being sent home today in a sealed envelope in the Homework Folder.  If your child did not do as well as hoped, retesting will begin next Wednesday.  Mrs. C-B or Mr. Mori will have kids come to the computer lab to do a few questions at a time, thus forcing them to slow down.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Writing this week is research.  Students were assigned a biography project on Friday (today).  It will culminate in them dressing up like their person and giving a speech which will be scored.  They can gather information at home, as well as in class, but the speech must be written in class as it is scored.  They are looking for information about:
  • the person's childhood and adult life
  • important accomplishments or events
  • a timeline 
  • interesting words you come across as you read
  • famous quotes made by that person
  • the person's character traits
  • a question you would ask the person
  • how the person was inspiring
  • the person's biggest obstacle
  • how the world is better because of that person
Of course, I don't expect you to find the answers to all of those things for homework.  Basic facts would be a good place to start as it's difficult to respond to the opinion pieces when you haven't yet learned about the person.  I'm just letting you know what students are working towards in class. Below is a list of who's doing what.

Alexa- Betsy Ross
Arman - Abraham Lincoln
Charley - Harriet Tubman
Delany - Benjamin Franklin
Emma - Amelia Earhart
Esme - Eleanor Roosevelt
Gabby - William Clark
Irena - Sacagawea
Julia - Georgia O'Keefe
Kai - Neil Armstrong
Kevin -Paul Revere
Kristin - George Washington
Kyler - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mackenzie - Philo Farnsworth
Madeline - Rosa Parks
Madison - Theodore Roosevelt
Odin - Walt Disney
Rachael - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ryan - Thomas Jefferson
Sam - Jackie Robinson
Savanna - Theodor Seuss Geisel/Dr. Seuss
Selina - George Washington
Tyler - Wright Brothers
Zach - John F. Kennedy, Jr.

In addition to the research, students need to gather information about family traditions.  This is part of a school-wide prompt about traditions.  The writing will go in each student's portfolio for next year's teacher.

One last reminder, if you are interested in purchasing The People of the Longhouse, please return the form by Monday.

Sorry to be so verbose but there was a lot to be said this week.  Have a great weekend!

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