Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Been a Busy Week in the Village!

On Thursday, we discovered our stockade had been destroyed and Deer Running Downhill was missing.  There were several theories - a storm knocked it over and took Deer Running Downhill with it, intruders came and kidnapped Deer Running Downhill or perhaps it fell over on its own and Deer Running Downhill wandered off.  Students were working on staying in character.  It was necessary to look at the events as an Onondaga person, not as a Sexton Mountain student looking at paper, clay and sticks.

On Friday, we discovered that Dancing Dove of the Wind's basket of strawberries had been stolen.  Chief Atotarho said he saw some intruders in the forest, thus furthering the invader theory for some.  Other tribes were having troubles as well.

Later that day, we learned of a secret conversation out by the steam house.  Apparently, Chief Atotarho is unhappy that he was replaced earlier and wants his power back (thus introducing another theory).  The green hair?  He was said to have had snakes in his hair like Medusa.

Despite the causes, it was necessary to repair the stockade and move on.  We are definitely more on alert now.  We talked about how invasions and conflict between tribes were, unfortunately, a way of life for the Onondaga.  They aren't yet fully aware of what a terrible man Chief Atotarho was. 

We were also very busy this week with lots of writing.  Some students were finishing up their Thanksgiving books as well as writing about a typical day in winter and creating their own legends.  I enjoyed hearing all of the many things your children are thankful for and am entertained by their imaginations.  It's very likely you will hear your child read one of those pieces at the party on the 15th.

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